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Endeavor Therapy and Sleep Center is an independently owned, Medicare certified, state-of-the-art facility for sleep diagnostic studies (in-clinic and home sleep tests available), actigraphs, and CPAP and BiPAP machines and supplies. Located in Mequon, we not only serve the Northshore and Milwaukee area, but all of southeastern Wisconsin.

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Your Prescription for Good Health

Note: Most people will forgo a sleep study due to their high deductibles, etc.

1. Get healthy (diet, exercise & Good Sleep)
- have a Sleep Study    
2 - Keep Wallet Healthy (Save Money)
- have your Sleep Study at Endeavor

Endeavor Rates: $700 - $2100 **
Hospital & their affiliate’s rates: $3000 - $5000 **

Note: most people do not want to have a sleep study at the beginning of the year due to their high insurance deductibles. We can help - with our low contracted insurance rates & no interest, low monthly payment plans. We could save you thousands $$$$ dependent on your insurance company’s contracted rates.** It pays to shop around!

Remember: good health begins with a good night’s sleep!

**Rates are based on each individual’s insurance plan

Call Endeavor at 262-241-8892 to schedule your appointment!

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CPAP Sleep Therapy SystemThe Future in CPAP is at Endeavor today

Discover how advanced sleep therapy can be with the new state-of-the-art Philip Respironics Sleep Therapy System. Available now at Endeavor Therapy and Sleep Center.

CPAP Sleep Therapy SystemAttention Respironics CPAP Users! We are now renting and selling battery packs for Respironics CPAP machines!

Take your CPAP wherever you go!

Rental Rate: $15 per day for battery/case/ powercord
                        $25 per day for battery/case/powercord/cpap machine
Purchase: call for pricing

Call us at (262) 241-8892 to learn more!